Mountain Biking Tours:

There are opportunities to hire mountain bikes and go on either a day tour or long distance cycles.


Day Tour One:
This day tour starts with a jeep ride uphill to Rotang Pass (51km from Manali). Once at the top the bikes are unloaded and you and your guide will enjoy a pleasent downhill journey through small villages, past waterfalls and meadows back to Manali.

Day Tour Two:
This Day Tour starts in Manali and finishes in Naggar (21km), former capital of the Kullu valley. You and your guide cycle through numerous Kullu villages, past temples, rice fields, and apple orchards.

Day Tour Three:

Starting from Naggar and finish at Kullu. Its goes through deep pine wood forest and 40km off road. Passing through few old villages and high mountian peaks view at last road finish at Bijeli madev temple. Over looking view of Parvati valley and beas river and parati river.


With all long distance cycles, a jeep is provided for baggage and camping equipment.

Cycle Route One:
This tour starts in Mananli and ends in Daramasala (6 days).

Cycle Route Two:
This tour also starts in Manali but finishes in Leh, a lot of uphill cycling but great on the way down! (11 days). This tour goes through the second highest mountain road in the world, elevation of 5300 metres. There are a total of four passes, more than 4000 metres. There is an extension for this tour (another 3 days), which goes to the highest mountain road in the world, elevation 5600metres!

Cycle route Three:
This tour from Manali to Shimla goes through the Spiti valley and crosses to the highest passes, elevation of 4000 metres and 4500 metres. The tour takes 15 days.